Even if noncompliance with GASB 75 were a realistic option, refusing to comply wouldn’t eliminate the OPEB liabilities assumed by public employers. In fact, OPEBs become a greater liability each year they remain unaddressed.

Small public employers, are you eligible? Use the tool.

GASBhelp makes it easy for small public employers to comply with GASB 75

For plans with fewer than 100 plan members, most public employers can either use a traditional actuarial valuation or the GASB 75 Alternative Measurement Method (AMM). The AMM provides an opportunity for smaller employers to fully comply with statement 75 while saving time and money. Most employers that qualify for the AMM are also eligible to use GASBhelp™.

GASBhelp is an online tool built by Milliman in accordance with the methodologies of the GASB 75 Alternative Measurement Method (AMM). GASBhelp has been created and tested rigorously by Milliman actuaries to confirm accuracy using sample cases from GASB 75 literature as well as real-life test cases.

We also assist large public employers with GASB 75 compliance

For large employers that don’t qualify for the AMM, an actuarial firm or individual with both pension and health actuarial expertise must perform an actuarial valuation of the OPEBs. Learn about Milliman’s GASB 75 actuarial valuation services.