Verifiable results

GASBhelp™ was built by Milliman in accordance with the methodologies of the GASB 75 Alternative Measurement Method (AMM). GASBhelp has been tested rigorously by Milliman actuaries to confirm correctness using sample cases in GASB 75 literature as well as other test cases. Results were calculated manually by actuaries and then compared to tool results to verify that answers were identical.

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While Milliman can confirm that the calculations are appropriate and correct, any result is only as good as the data upon which it is based. It is critical that you ensure the completeness and accuracy of all data keyed in during the calculation process. To confirm your work, GASBhelp provides a summary of critical inputs as part of your results report.

The results, like any other financial projection, represent forward-looking estimates based on reasonable assumptions and the best information available at the time the projection is made. Any changes in plan demographics, benefits, economic factors, or other information or assumptions will alter the financial projection and should be identified each time an evaluation is performed.